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Fundraising update and Matching Grant!

Here is an update on our Back to School fundraising campaign. Many schools in Liberia are starting today but we are only 47% of the way to our goal of raising $67,000 which will sponsor all 122 Liberian students! Thankfully, our Caseworkers have been working with schools to allow an extension on fees until the end of September and we have a way to double donations given by then.

A matching grant of $25,000 still has $18,000 remaining - doubling each donation! Can you help us get the rest of our students to school? Inflation has hit hard this year and the cost has risen to $550/student.

Several Liberian parents and grandparents with students in the program have shared how grateful they

are that their students have been given opportunities they never had. They wanted to express their gratitude to the many individuals making sacrifices for them! Look for their stories in the coming days.

Thank you for helping to offer hope through the gift of education!

Karen & Kreig

Founders, Keyara's Gift

Want to donate by check? Here are the instructions.

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