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Getting ready for the big trip...

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Last year, we founded Keyara's Gift with the vision of providing access to education, healthcare and other basic needs for those in the grip of poverty in Liberia, West Africa. A year later, we've made it through the first school year, and learned a lot! Now we are getting ready for a summer trip to Liberia. We'll have planning and training meetings with our Liberian Staff, a couple of days of camp with our students, set up some business meetings to keep the work going and reunite with lots of old friends! But first we have to get there...

The travel alone will be a challenge. We'll go from San Francisco to Washington DC to Brussels to Monrovia, Liberia. All told it'll be 36 hours of travel! And packing for a family of five is not easy, let alone the supplies we'll bring. Here's the beginning of our packing efforts - Hope it all fits!

The luggage we'll take - a suitcase each, a carryon each, at least to footlockers... for starters!
Luggage for the trip... let the packing begin!

We can't wait to get there start reconnecting with the students and families we've been trying to help. We'll do our best to post a few blog entries along the way so you can get a feel for our trip to Liberia!

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