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About us

Keyara's Gift exists to provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  We provide a crucial link between those with little or no resources and those with abundant resources.  A link between those in need and those who's needs are met.  It's our hope and prayer that in providing that connection, compassion will rise up and hope will be provided to those in need.


Keyara's Gift provides access to education, healthcare and other basic needs for those who suffer the effects of poverty.


We are working in Liberia, West Africa - a country which has suffered more than its share of hardships.  From 1989 to 2003, a brutal civil war deprived a generation of education and filled their days with terror as they ran for their lives and watched the national infrastructure get destroyed around them.  What had been the second fastest growing economy in the world in the 1950's became one of the world's poorest nations. Today we are working to build up the nation by educating the next generation, the children of those who missed out during the war.

Keyara's Gift Founders
Liberia Staff
Karen Ecklund
Kreig Ecklund

Executive Director

Board Chair and Treasurer

Rev. Francis Kollie

Program Officer

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