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Catherine's Story

She is a mother to all who cross her path and over the years, Mamie has taken in several children who have been orphaned and are in need of a home.  One of those children is Catherine.  Thanks to Mamie’s advocacy, Catherine has been a Keyara’s Gift scholarship recipient for the past three years and is able to attend school and learn.


<- Mamie at her home, surrounded by her children

Mamie Cooking for all the student and their family members at Keyara's Gift Day Camp ->

Mamie, Field Supervisor for Keyara’s Gift in Liberia, was away from her home in Monrovia, on her way to buy goods in a market about 90 miles away when she came across a young girl named Catherine, almost dying of a high fever.  Mamie learned from her grandparents that they did not have the money to get the medical care she needed at the hospital. They also told Mamie that the young girl’s parents had died of Ebola in 2014.  She was their only child, but several of her cousins lived with her and her parents because they were the only ones who had any income.  


Catherine’s father did farming and her mother sold fish in the market to help support the family, including the grandparents.  They worked hard to help provide for Catherine and her cousins, but could only afford to put a couple of the kids in school.  When they died, family members divided up the children, and Catherine went to live with her grandparents.  


Hearing the dire circumstances of their situation, Mamie asked if Catherine could come to live with her in Monrovia and be a part of the Keyara’s Gift Educational Program.  She has been living with Mammie for about four years now, and this last year especially has been doing very well in third grade.   Catherine, who is twelve years old, never had the opportunity to attend school and as a result, struggled at last year in second grade.  With the tutoring and encouragement of her Keyara’s Gift Case Worker, she is making great strides in her schoolwork!


<- Posing for a Keyara's Gift Portrait

Cooking Liberian Palm butter in Mamie's Kitchen ->

Meanwhile her grandparents are overjoyed in Mammie’s involvement in Catherine’s life.  When they visited last year, this is what the Grandmother had to say:


“Our tears have dried up for good and even if we died today our souls will rest in peace!  We will forever remember the kindness of Mammie and those who have brought life back to our only granddaughter.  May God bless you and may your hands never come down.  We are more than happy!”


The Liberia Program Manager for Keyara’s Gift, is searching for the other children from Catherine’s family to see whether it would be possible to reunite them with Catherine.  Catherine and her grandparents are thrilled with the transformation of her life, and looking forward to a bright future.


In Liberia, many children, especially girls, don’t have the privilege of going to school.  We are grateful to the many supports that have helped sponsor students by giving a contribution to Keyara’s Gift.  For $35/month, other children like Catherine can receive hope, through education, for a better future.

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