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Can you help give RICE for Christmas in Liberia?

As we deck our own halls, wrap gifts, bake cookies, and anticipate the gathering of family for the holidays - we also remember the Keyara’s Gift family.

The long shadow of poverty casts a different light on Christmas in West Africa. Forget stocking stuffers and turkey dinners - a protein-rich soup, with rice, is a special treat for Liberians who normally live on one meal, of rice and vegetables, a day.

You’ve already given generously towards education - can you also contribute towards a Christmas meal?

$2000 would enable our Liberian team to distribute Christmas cheer to over 25 families:

  • $20 = a 55 lbs bag of rice

  • $20 = a jug of oil

  • $35 = additional spices, vegetables like greens or beans, and protein of fish or meat.

While not a traditional Norman Rockwell Christmas meal, this would provide a boost in sustenance and spread Christmas joy to our students and families - and will in fact cover more than one meal.

If everyone on our mailing list gave as little as $12, we could make a difference! Anything we raise beyond $2000 will go towards medical expenses and emergency funds.

With gratitude,

Karen & Kreig

Founders, Keyara's Gift

$75 = Buy a Christmas Feast for one household

$40 = Buy oil and rice for one household

$35 = Buy spices, vegetables, and protein for one household

$12 = Everything helps!

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