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Happy Passover and Easter from the Keyara’s Gift family here in the US and in Liberia!

Today as we celebrate the HOPE of Easter and it’s significance, we also want to give an update on my recent letter and birthday wish! I felt overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and support as I entered my 51st year of life on April 3rd. But more importantly, I was grateful that earlier this week we were able to send $5000 to our Keyara’s Gift Bank Account in Liberia. With that money, our Liberian Staff purchased and distributed supplies to the Keyara’s Gift Families just before their lockdown started on Friday, April 10th. Here is the update we received from the Keyara’s Gift Liberian Director, Rev. Francis Kollie: “Please tell all of the donors thank you so much for the donations. It came just about the time when the Government of Liberia has instituted a State of Emergency for a 21-day lockdown which includes Montserrado County (where most of the Keyara’s Gift families live). The donations served over 17 households with rice, oil, bleach, soap, detergent, hand washing buckets and a small amount of cash to help with other essentials.” We are proud of our Liberian Team and their fast work and resourcefulness, which enabled them to purchase supplies and distribute them safely. Our team shared reports of some violence and desperation as people prepared for the lockdown. We are mindful that this will most likely not be over in three weeks and the need to support people in Liberia will most likely continue. We would appreciate your continued prayers and financial support to Keyara’s Gift in the coming weeks and months as you are able.

We also wanted to share an unfortunate accident that happened last week to one of our students.  Nine-year-old Daniel (pictured above in 2018) is an Ebola orphan taken in by Keyara’s Gift Supervisor, Mamie in 2014.  Daniel suffered severe burns on his buttocks and legs when he fell backward and landed into a bucket of boiled water.  He is currently hospitalized and has needed blood transfusions, fluids, antibiotics, and daily dressing changes.  We are praying that he won’t sustain any wound infections and/or COVID-19 while in the hospital.  Some of the funds sent were also used to assist in his care.  During our last trip to Liberia, Daniel stole our hearts with his bright smile and infectious joy for life.  Please join us in praying for him as he heals and recovers!

In the midst of this pandemic and uncertain time, I am thankful for the love and support that has been extended to the Keyara’s Gift families.  As you know, my heart is tied to the people of Liberia and they are my family.  Your choice to support them was a huge encouragement and blessing to me as I celebrated my birthday.  I can’t imagine a better gift – thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Karen Ecklund

Executive Director

Keyara's Gift

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