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Keyara's Gift Summer camp - Day 1

Wow! Today was a whirlwind! Today was the first day of the Keyara's Gift Summer Camp and it was a great day! There is so much to share, but I want to get this out tonight, so I'll give a summary and provide a bunch of pictures.

It's rainy season in Liberia and it has barely stopped raining since we arrived, but today started out sunny and the rains held off just long enough for us to start outdoors playing some games. The kids played soccer, jump rope, relay races balancing a lime in a spoon held in the mouth while walking, and some Liberian game that involved a lot of stomping and clapping in rhythm which I did not understand!

After the games, we moved into the shelter of the garage where we greeted all 50 students and the accompanying parents. After introductions and some energetic singing, we read the first couple of chapters from the Jesus Storybook Bible with the students reading along. Then we broke up into small groups for discussion time lead by the Keyara's Gift Case Workers, who monitor the sponsored students throughout the year. Meanwhile, Karen met with the parents who were present, to discuss the sponsorship program and share with each other. After discussion, we reconvened as a large group and one member from each group shared what they had learned, and answered two questions. I was impressed by the understanding and insight that was shared!

Next, it was time for lunch, Liberian Style. Rice with a fish stew - which Keyara loved. After lunch, we read another Bible Story and made a craft for the day - a beaded bracelet with each student's name on it.

Finally, we took a group photo and gave a reminder to show up on time tomorrow so you don't miss out on the games! This summary does not do the day justice, but hopefully these pictures will help fill in how joyful and full the day was. We are so thankful for the Keyara's Gift Staff, who did a wonderful job of managing the day, loving the kids and showing everyone a great time! Tomorrow we meet for Day 2!

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