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Keyara's Gift Summer Camp - Day 2

Today was another amazing day of summer camp... we were thankful for a dry day which allowed us to play games outside to begin. Kickball, soccer and jump rope were the favorites. We had more stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible and then made the craft for the day - a sun-catcher cross which the students painted with beautiful colors. Another amazing lunch was provided - Potato green stew with fish and chicken over rice which was enjoyed by all! A few more games and it was time to head home. The Ecklund family enjoyed an evening walk down ELWA Beach to relax and unwind.

Tomorrow we'll have a final day of celebration for the students to celebrate the accomplishments of the year as well as the 26th of July, which is Liberia's Independence Day. It will be another full day of friends, food and fun!

Here's a set of photos to give you a sense of today's activities:

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