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Meeting the parents

When I first thought about the idea of meeting my birth parents, I was excited but also nervous. I felt nervous because I haven’t seen them in a very long time and didn’t know what it was going to be like.

When I heard this morning that Jerilyn (my birth mom) was coming to see me today, I felt overjoyed. I wasn’t nervous anymore just happy. When we got to the office, she was waiting with my birth father, Bobby, to see me. We met in the main office to talk with just Jerilyn, my mom and my dad to start.

At first I felt shy but then I began to feel excited again. When Jerilyn first saw me, she started to cry and she was surprised by how much I had grown. My mom started crying too. Then, we talked about my life in California and how I had been doing in school. Jerilyn never went to school so she was happy to know that I was going to school. She told me about my three sisters. I have a big sister who is thirteen, a little sister who is eight and another little sister who is two. Now I have four sisters and one brother. I was happy to know I have other siblings. I get to meet them on Monday. I am excited and nervous. I hope that we can play together and get to know each other.

After talking to my mom for a while, my birth father, Bobby, came in and I got to meet him. He was nice and I learned that he did track and field, just like me! My dad showed him the video of me doing the relay for my school. He was happy to see me doing track.

I gave them a small present. For my mom, I got her a small lantern and nail polish. For my dad, I also gave him a small lantern. They were very thankful for the gifts and were happy that they were able to come see me. I am so excited to see them again on Monday.

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