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Quick Trip update

This is just a quick update on the trip to Liberia. We're 2/3 of the way there with two flights down and one more to go. Getting ready, packed and out the door was an exhausting endeavor, but the anticipation of arriving back in Liberia brings a building excitement!

We left SFO early in the morning on Saturday:

Departing SFO

We had a stop in Washington DC, and then on to Brussels. Just in time for some tasty Belgian waffles!

Mmmmm - Belgian Waffles!

Now we're waiting the Terminal T - all flights to Africa. Brussels is quite a hub for flights to/from Africa.

Transferring to Africa!

Next stop: Monrovia, Liberia. We'll get there around 8PM and arrive at our guest house around 9 or 9:30PM. Tomorrow will be a busy start to our time here - very exciting!

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