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Reunions . . .

Today we slept in and woke up to the sounds of soft rain and the ocean crashing outside our window. After a leisurely breakfast, Rev Francis picked us up and drove us to his office where we met the Staff for Keyara’s Gift and were reunited with some very special people!

Looking out at the rain on ELWA beach

As we prepared for the trip, Keyara shared that she was most looking forward to seeing Musu and Mamie – her nanny’s from 3 months of age until 2 years. Their memories have been kept alive over the last 9 years through pictures, stories and phone calls. And although she saw Mamie at the airport, she longed to see Musu. In the middle of our staff meeting, I saw Musu’s silhouette through the screen door. She entered the room dancing and singing a praise song before Keyara and I engulfed her in a hug. We were so grateful to see her alive again! Musu is not a young woman and during the ebola crisis we prayed that she would be safe. What a beautiful reunion with both Musu and Mamie today – the pictures show it all!

Musu and Keyara

Mammie - holding Kaleb and Keyara on her lap

Mammie, Karen and Musu - sweet reunion!

Although it was a long day, we were so proud of our kids. They sat through a 6 hour long meeting/reunion and didn’t complain. It would have been difficult any day, but it was especially hard as they fought the jet lag and desire to sleep!

During our family meeting tonight, Kaitlyn shared that she’d been typing up notes while we talked during the day and she had a few unanswered questions that she felt we should address in our meeting tomorrow. WOW – we were so impressed! Not only did she take notes but she asked good questions and had ideas of how to improve things in the year ahead. We are so grateful for this journey together as a family and can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of our time here! We are especially hoping that we’ll be able to reach Keyara’s birth parents so that she can be reunited with them as well. Up to this point, Rev Francis has not been able to talk with her to let her know that we’re here in Liberia. Please pray with us that he will be able to inform her in time for her to travel and see Keyara again!

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