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Summer Camp - Celebration Day!!!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Today was the special final day of the Keyara's Gift Summer Camp - a Day of Celebration! What were we celebrating? Several things:

First, July 26th is Liberia's Independence Day - and in Liberia this is a big deal! In fact, next to Christmas, it's the biggest day of the year! We were celebrating a few days early, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying it! Second, we were celebrating all of the hard work the sponsored students put into their studies. Life in Liberia is not easy - there are always demands for the students' time, such as earning extra money to put food on the table, cooking, cleaning, getting water from the well, etc. We had phenomenal success with our sponsored students and we wanted to celebrate that in big way! Finally, Keyara's Gift was celebrating the one year anniversary of it's founding! All told, it was a fantastic day of fun, food and friends.

Here's a photo library from the day:

We also took the opportunity to get some nice portraits of the students:

Finally, we could not continue to offer access to education, healthcare and other basic needs to these students if we did not have the help of our Liberian Staff. We have been so impressed with their hard work and dedication to the mission!

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