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Thank you for participating on Giving Tuesday Now!

Thank you to all who participated with us in #givingtuesdaynow! The donations received for Keyara's Gift COVID-19 response totaled $2,643.18 which will be matched by a private donor to make a grand total of $5,286.36! The donor has allowed us to keep the matching open until this weekend, so if you missed the giving on Tuesday, it's not too late (see Donate Now links below).

This campaign will allow us to distribute more food staples, cleaning supplies, and masks to the students and families we support.  This will go a long way to keeping them safe from the dangers of contracting or spreading the virus!

Finally, check out this video from Giving Tuesday Now. It even shows a brief snippet from Liberia where volunteers are sewing face masks, much like the ones distributed by Keyara's Gift. 

Thank you for making a difference for others!

Kreig Ecklund Treasurer and Board Chair

Keyara's Gift

If you'd like to contribute to our COVID-19 response, choose one of the options below to donate now:

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