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Welcome to the Jungle

As soon as the plane touched down in Liberia, you could immediately feel it’s usual hectic, energetic energy settle amongst the passengers. One woman on board with her toddler and family, who was visiting for her sister’s wedding, began singing about how excited she was to be back in Liberia and how happy she was!

Then after debarking and going through security, our Liberian team was there as our welcoming committee and were ecstatic to see us. Mammie, one of our case workers in Liberia, picked up my mom and Keyara and kept talking about how big she was now and how happy she was to see them again after almost a decade. There were big smiles all around and it was obvious that this reunion meant a lot to everyone there. After all, we were never quite sure

if we’d return or not in the future and even if we did, who would still be there. There are no guarantees in Liberia when it comes to the future and as pessimistic as it sounds, it’s reality here.

Arriving at the guesthouse with our staff

We were all exhausted by the time we reached our guesthouse after 36+ hours of traveling total and I crashed right away as soon as I reached my room. Our first day here was a full one, mostly filled with meetings with our Liberian staff and talking about our itinerary, catching up on the latest with our staff, coming up with plans for our VBS, etc. We were able to see a few of the students too and check in with them. We’re excited to finally have made it and to be able to see people that are basically family for the first time (for most of us) in almost a decade!

Meeting with our Director, Francis Kollie, and one of our case workers, Mammie

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