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Liberians back to school sooner than expected!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

We hope this post finds you well - enjoying these final weeks of summer.

Yesterday, our country director shared with us a dispatch from the Ministry of Education, announcing that schools in Liberia would begin in early September. This came as a bit of a surprise. First, Covid closures shifted the academic calendar, so school just ended a few weeks ago. Second, the general consensus had been that school would start after potentially disruptive national elections take place in October. Instead, registration begins in August, classes begin September 4th, and there will be a 10-day recess in October, during the election.

The closing portion of the announcement read, "Finally, this announcement should claim the attention of parents, School Administrators, and Education stakeholders in the Republic of Liberia.

It certainly "claimed our attention" - because school fees are now due sooner than anticipated! 😳

The Need.

Life in Liberia remains challenging. Ranked as the 10th poorest nation in the world, our students face tremendous obstacles including disease, malnutrition, teen pregnancy, rife corruption, broken infrastructure, and political uncertainties and yet they dream, hope, and work towards a secure and brighter future.

The Ask.

Because of your previous, generous support, we are writing directly to ask if you’d consider partnering with us, once again, to support the 122 students that make up Keyara’s Gift this year. An annual sponsorship of ~$550, covers school fees, supplies and uniforms. The stability of monthly donors would be especially helpful. A recurring, monthly gift of $45 - or about $1.50 per day - would support one child for the year.

The Progress.


Solomon, age 6 in 2010, required access to medical care for a malfunctioning urinary system required access to medical care only available in Kenya for a malfunctioning urinary system. It’s been our privilege to sponsor his school fees, ever since, and to celebrate his high school graduation, with top marks, in 2022. This year, he started nursing school as one of our five post high school sponsorship students.

Solomon and his mom, Mary in 2010 and in 2022:


Silas, age 7 in 2010, had accidentally ingested caustic soda and needed surgery, only available in Kenya, to repair his burned esophagus. Since that time, we’ve sponsored annual school fees and the costs for a special diet necessary to maintain his health. Life is certainly not easy, and he faces daily challenges just to eat, but he continues to thrive, recently graduated from high school, and hopes to continue his education!

Silas in 2010 and in 2022:


Alfred, age 7 in 2010, lost his sight after being hit by a car. At that time we asked for funds to send Alfred to a school for the blind so he could learn to read braille, take care of himself and go to school. A few years ago, Alfred graduated from the blind school and started attending a regular high school. Using a cane, he is now able to navigate the chaotic streets of Monrovia on his own. He does his schoolwork using a laptop with specialized software for the blind, provided by Keyara's Gift. Alfred just finished his senior year of high school!

Alfred at the blind school in 2010 and receiving his laptop in 2021:

We know this is a busy time of year as you squeeze in final summer getaways or prepare your own family, for the academic year, but we thank you in advance for considering this need!

As always, Keyara’s Gift only works with your partnership. We are so grateful and on behalf of those who have no voice, we say THANK YOU!

Karen & Kreig

Founders, Keyara's Gift

Want to donate by check? Here are the instructions.

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