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#GivingTuesday 2022

This fall, your generosity secured the sponsorship of 111 students! THANK YOU!

Now that school fees, uniforms, and supplies are secured, we are using #GivingTuesday to raise money for a “Fuss Fund”, which will help students stay in school.

What is a “Fuss Fund” you ask? Fuss is the Liberian English word for “problem” - so our “Fuss Fund” will go towards mitigating the many “fusses” our students may face, which might prevent them from getting to, or staying in, class:

Puberty: A menstruation cycle, without feminine products, means staying home

Illness: Malaria and Typhoid are endemic, causing prolonged illnesses. Mosquito nets, like the one below, can protect our students.

Transportation: Severe flooding during rainy season means walking isn’t an option

Emergencies: Burns, broken bones, tumors, and hernias can upend a student's life

Silas in 2009 - 5 years old

Silas in 2022 - 19 years old

Silas, a student we've sponsored since he was 5, is still suffering the effects of an esophageal burn he experienced after drinking a clear, odorless liquid he thought was water. Sadly, it was caustic soda and this tragic accident changed his life forever! When we met him, he was malnourished and slowly dying. In 2010, generous donors helped to send him to Kenya for surgery. Upon returning to Liberia, six months later, he was able to swallow food and attend school.

Last week he experienced an emergency - his esophagus closed again and he was unable to swallow liquids. Thankfully, a visiting surgeon was able to dilate his esophagus and over the next few months, with repeat dilation, the doctors expect a full recovery. Our "fuss fund" was available to pay for his emergency treatment. In Liberia, patients need to pay for services first BEFORE being treated.


This #GivingTuesday will you help us build our "Fuss Fund"?

We never know how much we'll need but last year the "fusses" for all 111 students averaged about $600 per month. We hope to add $5,000 to our "Fuss Fund" allowing us to secure feminine products, mosquito netting, medicine, transportation, and emergency medical care for our students.

Let's help them get to school and stay in class!

With deep gratitude,

Karen & Kreig

Co-Founders, Keyara's Gift

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